The Key to Cashless™

MTrac is solving the problem of cash and high-cost payment processing in ‘high-risk’ industries, where legal businesses are being denied access to traditional banking models. 

Our cashless solution, built on patented blockchain technology, is able to secure funds in a one-to-one ratio, which move into the ecosystem via cash, credit, or ACH, with preset guidelines and restrictions to satisfy AML compliance. Cashless transactions occur between two parties on the MTrac platform without the need of a third-party intermediary. Since the funds are secured and verified upon entry, all transactions settle immediately without having to wait for reconciliation. 

Merchants can digitally pay vendors in real time through a merchant wallet. Multiple exit points allow customers and merchants to use funds for any purchases outside of the ecosystem, or to process payments, such as rent, payroll, and taxes.

The MTrac EcoSystem

The MTrac platform is a secure, closed-loop ecosystem, where customers can load currency in a one-to-one ratio for the purpose of engaging in commerce via digital payments. Point of sale transactions are recorded on a blockchain ledger, which provides business owners the ability to track sales and automate payment functions, such as payroll, vendors, and tax structure, while the tamper-free ‘record-keeping’ aspect of the ledger facilitates compliance for the business, its stakeholders, and regulatory agencies. 

MTrac Kiosk


The MTrac Kiosk acts as one of the easy customer gateways for participation in the MTrac ecosystem. A Kiosk can be installed at any retail store that wishes to move its business model towards a cashless payment platform. 

Customers are able to load currency in a one-to-one ratio at an MTrac Kiosk, where their funds are secure on a reloadable MTrac card or on their MTrac mobile app. Loaded funds can then be used to transact with any merchant accepting MTrac as a preferred method of payment.  

MTrac Mobile App

The key to happy Customers

The MTrac mobile app, or customer wallet, is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Once the app is installed, customers are able to load funds with a credit card, a linked bank account, or at an MTrac kiosk where cash can be loaded onto a wallet. Funds loaded on the wallet are available immediately for purchases at any location where MTrac is accepted as a form of payment.

The customer wallet includes an easy to use interface where customers can purchase goods and services by creating a QR code, or key, in specific amounts. A record of all transactions is stored in the customer wallet.  

Additional wallets can be installed on the app, including those created when registering an MTrac card, and funds can move with ease between multiple wallets. Customers can also move funds from the wallet to a linked bank account or create eChecks and virtual cards to use the funds for purchases outside of the MTrac ecosystem. 

mtrac pos system

Cashless POS

The key to cashless point of sale

The MTrac point of sale system (POS) allows merchants to process all tracking, reporting, and sales, which are necessary for efficient business management. The POS is compatible and easily integrated with other POS systems that can import with MS Excel. Most importantly, the POS is fully integrated with the MTrac merchant wallet for seamless payment processing. 

Included in the system’s robust reporting features are the ability to: 

    • Manage employees’ hours
    • Track and update inventory in real time
    • Customize permissions
    • Perform sales audits

Included in the system’s business management features are the ability to: 

    • Check-in customers
    • Process customer payment transactions
    • Process payroll with the click of a button

Delivery Management

The key to SMART Delivery

Our delivery management system allows merchants to build an online store with which to easily connect to a broader base of customers and create additional revenue streams. The delivery portal allows for integration with any merchant’s existing delivery systems and connects to the MTrac POS for inventory management, reporting, and cashless payment processing, in turn, creating peace of mind for drivers by removing cash from the equation. 

The delivery software can be set to manual or automated dispatch management, giving business owners the option to confirm or reject orders and the ability to manually assign drivers, or they can choose to allow the system to work on its own. With built-in intelligence features, the MTrac delivery system is able to find and dispatch the right driver for the job based on order details, requested time of delivery, and geo-tracking mechanisms.  

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